Mom deserves the very best this Mother's Day, and if you're a procrastinator and need some help figuring out a great gift, have no fear! We've come up with some ideas for you! Don't forget to get her a Mountain Shirt while you're at it. Our Thomas Kinkade line will be sure to make her one happy and fashionable Mom.

1. Mom can sip tea out of this adorable Kitten Mug

2. Serve her some Elderflower cordial with her Mother's Day Brunch that you've painstakingly cooked for her.

3. Mom can take a very relaxing bath with these lovely bath salts.

4. This floral candle is sure to please!

5. These fern earrings are so beautiful, Mom will want to wear them all the time.

6. More cute mugs for Mom to sip her tea. Because Moms like tea. Or at least mine does...

7. Badger's Damascus Rose Gift Set will keep Mom beautiful and smelling of roses.

8. Instead of real flowers, this bouquet of measuring spoons shaped like flowers are useful and won't wilt and die.