The Mountain's Thawin' Out!

New Hampshire got just under a million feet of snow this year, (mostly true exagerated story). But in spite of it all, the grass is coming back with a vengeance like it's the star of an 80's action movie sequel, or like it was the star of an 80's action movie, and is now the star of a 2010's action movie because nostalgia sells, and that horse isn't down for the count quite yet.

ANYWAY, Inspired by Grass's real life underdog comeback tale, The Mountain is also making a reprise...with this blog! There will be drama (dun dun da), there will be action (explosion), there might even be some INCREDIBLE T-SHIRTS (ooooh ahhhh)! Just kidding. There will DEFINITELY be some INCREDIBLE T-SHIRTS, because why not. I mean, we are an apparel company, and a darn tootin' good one at that. So sit back, relax, grab a soda pop (or cocktail, juice box, coffee, glass of milk, really any beverage will do, or even no beverage at all if your not thirsty, it was just a suggestion) and scroll through some cool updates, happenings, and know-how all about The Mountain, Americas' Greenest Apparel Company, and your favorite (duh) art-wear provider! 

Oh, and speaking of grass and spring. Don't forget to check out our new Spring Collection. Here's a taste: